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  1. I was fortunate to be invited to Switzerland this year to demonstrate mediumship

    to people all over the world.

    14th - 16 th  of February - Luzern

    David Russel's afterlife contacts

    David Russell is an international, spiritual medium with a solid education and many years of practical experience. He works and teaches in England, the United States, Italy and Switzerland. He is clairaudient, clairvoyant and sensitive, making his communications with the deceased precise and lively.


    With his media skills, David not only supports people during grief processes. He encourages them to discover their own, sometimes hidden, abilities, to develop them, and thereby to shape a life that is self-determined and connected with all powers.


    David Russell introduces himself and his course program at the booth and offers taster sessions with afterlife communication directly at the booth.


    David shares his in-depth knowledge in courses to help others along their path of development. He has a natural flair to explain things and processes in a simple and understandable way. It supports the practitioners to strengthen their confidence in their own abilities, because everyone has their own, individual access to the spiritual world. Discovering and opening this access is one of our tasks in this world.


    Thanks to his practical know-how and many years of experience, David's courses advance beginners and advanced alike. In his rich pool of exercises, he always finds the perfect course content for the various groups of participants and tailors the course content almost to size.



    Demonstration of afterlife contacts (English with translation)

    Sunday, February 16, 2020 / 11.45-12.45 a.m.


    David sends messages to viewers from the afterlife and shows that the deceased are sometimes more alive than the so-called living. He describes the deceased in a lively and humorous way, with a lot of empathy and respect. He is not interested in showmanship. With his demonstrations, he tries to prove active life even after physical death and thereby makes himself an ambassador who mediates between the inhabitants of this world and the world beyond.

    David's demonstration of afterlife contacts is in English and is continuously translated by Hampi van de Velde. Hampi has many years of experience in translating for spiritual English media. He has known and worked with David for over 15 years and regularly organizes seminars with the English medium in Switzerland.


  2. Are you interested in developing your abilities?

    I am Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient, which means that I see, feel and hear spirit. As 'the middle man' for spirit, I am glad to say, my  messages have comforted thousands.


    I firmly believe that I am not 'special' and that everyone is born with the ability to spiritually and psychically develop. Just like with other skills, like running and painting, some people are naturally born more athletic or creative than others, but everyone can run and draw, and practicing and training with helpful techniques makes you stronger at it…. It is exactly the same for Mediumship and Clairvoyance.

    I have had the opportunity to be able to professionally train over many years at The Arthur Findlay College and by sitting in many development circles at various Spiritualist Churches.

    All of this has aided my own spiritual growth. I firmly believe in sharing what I know today and helping others on their own development path. I try my best to explain things simply and clearly, teaching others and helping them with their confidence.

    I run a series of courses tailored for complete beginners through to those who have advanced to a certain level and now feel they need more guidance on how to progress further.

    If you have any  questions or if you are interested in developing your skills, do not hesitate to contact me directly.


    Take a look at the beautiful Arthur Findlay College 

    Stansted Hall
    Burton End
    CM24 8UD
    United Kingdom
  3. When I am invited to a venue to demonstrate mediumship, I always say a little prayer. Just a thank you to the spirit world for working with me. I ask for the best and highest to come through and very importantly, I also ask for clear communication and bring comfort and upliftment where needed.



     Gracious Spirit


    In all thy splendour and all thy might,
    We are thy children who strive towards thy light.

     For without thy power we would not be,
    And without thy guidance we would not see.

    And I am asking thee this day  for what thou has done for me,
    To give to all mankind so their hearts can be free.

    For in this world we live in, you created all we'll ever need,
    The only reason children starve is because of another man's greed.

    And I am asking thee my Lord for all the wars to cease,
    Where all men can be brothers and all children live in peace.

    And all the people suffering,  all the pain that they endure,
    Let their prayers be answered and all their sickness cured.

    Let us respect thy animals and all the love they give,

    For just like us: they are part of thee; with just as much right to live.

    For the truth that thou has given is clear as a child's eyes,
    That  we are part of thee my Lord and no-one ever dies.

    But placed upon this earth, to learn as children do,
    For the progression of the soul, and to be nearer still to you.



  4. With spirituality typically comes a great sensitivity as people develop (including yourself should you choose to). Many often find themselves being emotionally moved more, than before as they are more in tune with the feelings of others and often finding the need to express themselves creatively in some way.

    Here are a few I would like to share with you...


    Not all angels have wings,

     but there's one thing they share...

     It is a heart of gold and the love

     they possess there.


     So let your light shine,

     in the spirit world it's known...

     God sent an angel the day you were born.



      Skin Deep

    They say that beauty is only skin  deep,

    But how can that be true? 

     When I've seen in your eyes and I've seen in your heart,

    The beauty of you shining through. 

     They say that beauty is only skin deep,

    But I can see deep within you. 

     With my eyes closed tight, I can still see your light;

    All the beauty of you shining through.



     Do not cry, don't shed a tear

    Your loved ones are forever near

    They slipped away in dark of night

    And entered into a realm of light

    To a place of love and all things true

    And now they are looking after you.