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Chapter Jigsaw


No one person is more important than another and no less important. Knowing this will bring you confidence, clarity and purpose, but most of all well-being.

Consider for a moment the world as a jigsaw with each piece representing a person, and how the pieces fit together representing the challenges of being here, and how you fit in.

Most people have a boundary, a comfort zone, and they are defined by that boundary. This boundary includes their knowledge, their belief, religion, the people they feel comfortable with, how they handle situations like stress, how they take charge and handle life's challenges, their leadership skills or taking orders.

Most people have a border that is created very early in life and heavily influenced by their peers. It can be a positive to have such a clear box in times of uncertainty, but equally it doesn't allow for growth.

I love the idea of having a never-ending edge to my jigsaw, that I can keep expanding my awareness, thoughts and ideas and that I am constantly learning and growing.

We all have boundaries, but not all of them are healthy.

Then there's a group of people that focus all their energy on the inner part of the jigsaw. They put all their energy into what they believe to be important like family, friends, work place etc.

But they seldom place themselves in the centre of The Jigsaw. All their attention, all their energy is in making everyone else happy, with no regard for their own wellbeing or identity.

The belief being that making others happy creates their happiness. To a degree this is true, but there must be balance, harmony. Your health is important and wellbeing is important. Your opinion is important. Your choices are important.

You need to include yourself in the centre of the jigsaw or be aware of how you influence the jigsaw and your happiness needs to be part of the equation too.


So what's left of the jigsaw? You've completed the border and the centre. So all that remains is the bland background, the bits that look like all the other bits and the hardest to fit together. Do you identify yourself as someone who doesn't fit in? Not special? You've put others first and they're in the centre of your world and you have a clearly defined comfort zone?

That bland little piece of jigsaw might seem unimportant but what if it were missing? You can't complete the jigsaw, just a gap in the picture. Imagine that gap representing a loved one or a fur baby and how that affects the whole picture. But you are that piece and without you the picture is equally incomplete for everyone else.

In the jigsaw of the world, not one piece is less or more important than another.

The world wouldn't be whole without you.

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