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  1. With spirituality typically comes a great sensitivity as people develop (including yourself should you choose to). Many often find themselves being emotionally moved more, than before as they are more in tune with the feelings of others and often finding the need to express themselves creatively in some way.

    Here are a few I would like to share with you...


    Not all angels have wings,

     but there's one thing they share...

     It is a heart of gold and the love

     they possess there.


     So let your light shine,

     in the spirit world it's known...

     God sent an angel the day you were born.



      Skin Deep

    They say that beauty is only skin  deep,

    But how can that be true? 

     When I've seen in your eyes and I've seen in your heart,

    The beauty of you shining through. 

     They say that beauty is only skin deep,

    But I can see deep within you. 

     With my eyes closed tight, I can still see your light;

    All the beauty of you shining through.



     Do not cry, don't shed a tear

    Your loved ones are forever near

    They slipped away in dark of night

    And entered into a realm of light

    To a place of love and all things true

    And now they are looking after you.