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  1. When I am invited to a venue to demonstrate mediumship, I always say a little prayer. Just a thank you to the spirit world for working with me. I ask for the best and highest to come through and very importantly, I also ask for clear communication and bring comfort and upliftment where needed.



     Gracious Spirit


    In all thy splendour and all thy might,
    We are thy children who strive towards thy light.

     For without thy power we would not be,
    And without thy guidance we would not see.

    And I am asking thee this day  for what thou has done for me,
    To give to all mankind so their hearts can be free.

    For in this world we live in, you created all we'll ever need,
    The only reason children starve is because of another man's greed.

    And I am asking thee my Lord for all the wars to cease,
    Where all men can be brothers and all children live in peace.

    And all the people suffering,  all the pain that they endure,
    Let their prayers be answered and all their sickness cured.

    Let us respect thy animals and all the love they give,

    For just like us: they are part of thee; with just as much right to live.

    For the truth that thou has given is clear as a child's eyes,
    That  we are part of thee my Lord and no-one ever dies.

    But placed upon this earth, to learn as children do,
    For the progression of the soul, and to be nearer still to you.