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  1. I was fortunate to be invited to Switzerland this year to demonstrate mediumship

    to people all over the world.

    14th - 16 th  of February - Luzern

    David Russel's afterlife contacts

    David Russell is an international, spiritual medium with a solid education and many years of practical experience. He works and teaches in England, the United States, Italy and Switzerland. He is clairaudient, clairvoyant and sensitive, making his communications with the deceased precise and lively.


    With his media skills, David not only supports people during grief processes. He encourages them to discover their own, sometimes hidden, abilities, to develop them, and thereby to shape a life that is self-determined and connected with all powers.


    David Russell introduces himself and his course program at the booth and offers taster sessions with afterlife communication directly at the booth.


    David shares his in-depth knowledge in courses to help others along their path of development. He has a natural flair to explain things and processes in a simple and understandable way. It supports the practitioners to strengthen their confidence in their own abilities, because everyone has their own, individual access to the spiritual world. Discovering and opening this access is one of our tasks in this world.


    Thanks to his practical know-how and many years of experience, David's courses advance beginners and advanced alike. In his rich pool of exercises, he always finds the perfect course content for the various groups of participants and tailors the course content almost to size.



    Demonstration of afterlife contacts (English with translation)

    Sunday, February 16, 2020 / 11.45-12.45 a.m.


    David sends messages to viewers from the afterlife and shows that the deceased are sometimes more alive than the so-called living. He describes the deceased in a lively and humorous way, with a lot of empathy and respect. He is not interested in showmanship. With his demonstrations, he tries to prove active life even after physical death and thereby makes himself an ambassador who mediates between the inhabitants of this world and the world beyond.

    David's demonstration of afterlife contacts is in English and is continuously translated by Hampi van de Velde. Hampi has many years of experience in translating for spiritual English media. He has known and worked with David for over 15 years and regularly organizes seminars with the English medium in Switzerland.